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Our Flat Rate billing policy

Our Flat Rate billing policy is unique.  We charge no interest on accounts. We also accumulate billable calls on your account until the balance exceeds $5.00.  If you are an infrequent user you may not receive a bill for several months until your balance crosses the $5.00 threshold.  If we did not do this, because our service is so inexpensive, we would be sending out some bills each month that totaled less than $1.00.

We do ask that you pay "UPON RECEIPT".  If you fall behind more than 45 days we will temporarily suspend your account.  At that point the service will no longer work.  We will reinstate service when payment is made in full.  If your account is suspended there will also be a $5.00 "Reactivation Fee".

You can pay in the following ways. 

     Send us a check or money order for the amount due or stop by our office and drop off your check, cash or money order.

     Call us during business hours with credit card information.

      You can now view and pay your bill online with a credit card.  You can make a 'one time payment' or re-occuring credit card payment.  Once you choose this option we will bill your account automatically.


ShoreLink resells this service to you.  All your calls go on one of the major international carriers.  Your statement is sent to you by a billing company named Comtech21.  Each bill clearly has ShoreLink's logo and contact information.   Each month you will receive a statement.  You are expected to pay it "Upon Receipt".  Interest may be charged if you fall behind.

Because our service is so inexpensive many of our customers only make a few dollars worth of calls each month.  If you find yourself in this category we recommend you over pay your account by a few dollars.  In so doing you will avoid having to write very small checks each month.  Credit card payment is an option too. This method can help you avoid having to write small checks each month.  Just call 800-239-6061 ( 24 hours a day) and tell the representative you wish to pay by credit card.   

Our INTERNET billing policy

Our internet service is very inexpensive and the cost per month of either the basic ($9.95) or accelerated service ($10.95) is the same each month.  One way we keep the cost down is to not send out bills but rather charge your credit card.  In order to have our service you must have a Visa or Mastercard.  They can be debit or credit cards.  When we set up your account we will gather your credit card information and you will be billed for one month's service on the same day each month.