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Chester Maryland 21619
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GOLD PLAN FLAT-RATE CALLING: (Charged per 49 minute call with 2.9 per minute for each minute over 49)

This is the most flexible of our Flat-Rate services.  It's a go anywhere call to anywhere plan.  If you sign up & qualify for this GOLD Flat-Rate plan you will be able to make 49 calls lasting for up to 49 minutes  from any of the lower 48 States to all of the lower 48 States & Canada.  If a call lasts more than 49 minutes you will be charged a modest 2.9 per additional minute.

You will be issued an 800 network access number for placing calls.

When you access our network from your home phone number using your 800 access number and you have caller ID our switch will recognize your caller ID and allow you to place your call.  When you access our network from anywhere in the 48 states other than from your home phone you will be prompted to enter your account phone number & four digit pin-code.